• Acoustic panels by BuzziSpace

Acoustic insulation

The basic values of BuzziSpace translate into modern designs blending eco-friendliness, acoustics and flexibility. We tackle noise pollution – including echoes and other annoying sounds – with recycled and soundproof materials. Our modular  products, which come in a variety of colours, effectively reduce and absorb sound.

Acoustic panels

Are you looking for attractive and creative soundproofing products? The acoustic panels designed by Buzzispace boost acoustics with a touch of creativity, resulting in an appealing environment. In a nutshell, they are the ideal solution to improve acoustics, meeting your requirements in a creative and highly effective manner.

Acoustic panels by BuzziSpace:
● BuzziSkin 3D Tile
● BuzziDesk
● BuzziLoose
● BuzziFree
● BuzziScreen
● BuzziPod
● BuzziLand
● BuzziPlants
● BuzziZone
● BuzziBlinds
● BuzziBoard
● BuzziGrip
● BuzziBack

● BuzziSwitch Brick Back

BuzziWings the latest BuzziSpace creation. This acoustic panel consists of a ceiling element with indirect lighting.