• BuzziBlinds

These rotating acoustical blinds take their inspirations from modernist architecture and more specifically from the exterior sunshades that can be found for instance on modernist buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer in Brasilia. and also by the rhythm and tonalities created by the orientation of these sunshades. The concept has been turned into elements that can define and partition open-space offices.

Design by Alain Gilles

· Specifications


  • 115cm (H) 5x22cm (W)
  • 150cm (H) 5x22cm (W)
  • 185cm (H) 5x22cm (W)
  • Floorplate: 98x38cm (LxW)


*Felt Lime 64
*Felt OffWhite 63
*Felt LightBlue 60
*Felt EcoBrown 58
*Felt Curry 61
*Felt Orange 66
*Felt Pink 65
*Felt StoneGrey 67
*Felt Red 59
*Felt Anthracite 68


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