• BuzziMilk

There’s something about a milking stool that makes us feel at home - even at work. This rustic-meets-modern take on the old farmhouse favourite would even make your grandma proud.
BuzziMilk is an earnest little stool inspired by elements not usually found in a standard office space in order to create a warm and homey feeling at work. But unlike your grandma’s old milk stool, the BuzziMilk has four legs for stability and a cushion seat for a softer experience.
The same wooden structure without the cushion turns into a handy little table, and creates a dynamic and friendly work corner playing with BuzziMilk stools and tables. With your own unique combination of BuzziSpace Fabric, including our Terra, Tartan and Rough range, and a variety of wood finishes, BuzziMilk is a moveable graphic extra in your work or home space. 
Like your grandma’s old stool, this one’s a keeper.
Design by Alain Gilles

· Specifications


Rough Turtle 88
Rough Taffy 185
Rough Skyblue 142
Rough Olive 53
Rough Hyacinth 159
Rough Iceblue 43
Rough Hunter 156
Rough Forest 162
Rough Estate 152
Rough Imperial 189
Rough Lemon 122
Rough Niagara 158
Rough Lollipop 187
Rough Lime 157
Rough Lightblue 41
Tartan Blue-Multi-X13
Tartan Buffalo-Red-A01
Tartan Beige-Natural-R10
Tartan Charcoal-Ecru-U11
Rough Dolphin 180
Rough Denim 153
Fabric DarkBrown 18
Fabric Dolphin 180
Fabric Blue 45
Fabric Beige 1037
Fabric Azure 144
Fabric Fire 139
Fabric Fuchsia 77
Fabric LightBlue 41
Fabric LightGrey 1000
Fabric Kiezel 7
Fabric Ivory 101
Fabric Indigo 90
Fabric Aubergine 74
Fabric Army 14
Fabric Aqua 143
Fabric Mandarin 129
Fabric MidGrey 1001
Fabric Zwart 1003
Fabric Yellow 24
Fabric Violet 72
Fabric Taupe 1008
Rough Ash 40
Rough Coffee 81
Rough Dahlia 188
Rough Charcoal 79
Rough Champagne 186
Rough Celery 80
Fabric Shitake 124
Fabric Rust 29
Fabric OceanBlue 147
Fabric Olive 53
Fabric Navy 1007
Fabric Naturel 1
Fabric Mint 50
Fabric Orange 2012
Fabric Pink 73
Fabric Red 2011
Fabric Purple 78
Fabric Prune 76
Fabric Pistache 52
Tartan Charcoal-Multi-F04
Tartan Glacier-D05
Tartan Grape-X21
Tartan Grey-P21
Tartan Hessian-B02
Tartan Massif-Charcoal-Red-X13
Terra Airforce-AU24
Terra Buttermilk-BB28
Terra Candy-K34
Terra Charcoal-R10
Terra Flint-P09
Terra Gorse-AM20
Terra Grape-AK19
Terra Honey-PMJ6
Terra Lilac-K37
Terra Lovat-AN21
Terra Mandarin-K41
Terra Mauve-K36
Terra Mocha-D03
Terra Mustard-K42
Terra Pomegranate-AE17
Terra Raspberry-AF18
Terra SeaGrass-AP22
Terra Silver-N08
Terra Strawberry-K35
Terra Terracotta-AB15
Terra Violet-BM29
Terra Walnut-X13
Terra Wedgewood-K38
Terra Willow-BF31


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