• BuzziScreen

The folding screen has come back into fashion with a bang! The BuzziScreen is a contemporary take on the flexible room divider with all sorts of advantages. For example, it can be extended infinitely: the handy recycled zipper system makes it easy for you to add panels. Just like with the other BuzziSpace products, you can pin objects, photos or letters to the screen to your heart’s content, and of course it works as sound insulation as well. divide up your office or room any way you want, all the time, everywhere!

Design by Sas Adriaenssens

· Specifications


*Felt Anthracite 68
*Felt Curry 61
*Felt EcoBrown 58
*Felt Jeans 75
*Felt LightBlue 60
*Felt Lime 64
*Felt Mokka 74
*Felt OffWhite 63
*Felt Orange 66
*Felt Pink 65
*Felt Red 59
*Felt StoneGrey 67


finish for BuzziScreen

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