• BuzziShade

The designer BuzziShade lamp provides lit surroundings in which to conduct your conversation away from prying eyes. The lamp's acoustic insulation prevents eavesdroppers from hearing your most private or intimate conversations, and reduces external noise levels - the music and the general hustle and bustle - to a minimum. The BuzziShade is extremely versatile. It guarantees pleasantly subdued and diffusely lit surroundings. The BuzziFelt is sound absorbent, as well as being ecologically sound! The perfect addition to any office, waiting room or restaurant, the BuzziShade is ideal for large-scale events. The BuzziShade is the culmination of an artistic collaboration between BuzziSpace and the four young Belgian furniture designers of Stal Collectief.

Standing version not available in USA

· Specifications


*Felt Anthracite 68
*Felt Curry 61
*Felt EcoBrown 58
*Felt Jeans 75
*Felt LightBlue 60
*Felt Lime 64
*Felt Mokka 74
*Felt OffWhite 63
*Felt Orange 66
*Felt Pink 65
*Felt Red 59
*Felt StoneGrey 67


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