• BuzziWings

BuzziSpace and designer duo Couvreur.Devos show the illuminated path thanks to the BuzziWings. These inventive BuzziFelt ceiling accessories are designed to partition a big space acoustically and optically. It creates a never-before-seen modularity. BuzziWings not only ensures optimum acoustics, you also get a subtly lit room thanks to the integrated, indirect light source. The BuzziWings are attached to the ceiling at a 90° angle; perfect to shape the light and sound to your taste. Available in different BuzziFelt colours.

· Specifications


*Felt Anthracite 68
*Felt Jeans 75
*Felt Mokka 74
*Felt Curry 61
*Felt EcoBrown 58
*Felt LightBlue 60
*Felt Lime 64
*Felt OffWhite 63
*Felt Orange 66
*Felt Pink 65
*Felt Red 59
*Felt StoneGrey 67


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